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Challis Recruitment is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of everyone it represents in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principals.

Privacy Statement: Collection and Use of Personal Information

Challis Recruitment Pty Ltd will only use the personal information collected for one or more of its functions or activities. Challis Recruitment Pty Ltd will collect personal information only by lawful and fair means and not in an unreasonably intrusive way.

Challis Recruitment Pty Ltd will only disclose a candidate’s personal information when it is directly related to the primary purpose of collection, and with their permission.

Challis Recruitment Pty Ltd relies on the personal information it collects uses and discloses, to be complete, up-to-date, accurate and truthful from the applicant.

Challis Recruitment Pty Ltd takes reasonable steps to protect the personal information it holds from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

Challis Recruitment Pty Ltd fully adheres to the Australian Privacy Principals. For more information on the Australian Privacy Principals please visit


Candidate Terms and Conditions

Candidates applying to use the services of Challis Recruitment Pty Ltd agree to:

  • that all information provided by the candidate is accurate, truthful, complete, up-to-date and is not misleading in any way
  • allow Challis Recruitment and its representatives to verify any information supplied by the candidate including, but not limited to, contacting referees and previous employers, current or previous medical registering bodies
  • allow Challis Recruitment to disclose a candidate’s personal information (in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principals and Challis Recruitment Privacy Policy) to individuals, organisations or second parties as part of the recruitment process including but not limited to Challis Recruitment clients (potential employers), government departments, any/all regulatory bodies, and professional colleges
  • provide a minimum of three professional referees, one of which must be from the candidate’s current or most recent employer
  • disclose all information with regard to anything that could or does reduce the candidates ability to undertake employment and as represented by Challis Recruitment Pty Ltd, as a clinically safe, fully qualified, registered medical practitioner
  • agree to undertake and or provide any criminal and backgrounds checks as requested
  • that the candidate agrees that in consideration of Challis Recruitment agreeing to recruit and place the candidate in any position, the candidate agrees to indemnify Challis Recruitment Pty Ltd and its Director’s, employees and representatives, against any claim made against any of them relating to medical negligence, dishonestly or otherwise which may arise in connection with any engagement or employment I may accept which is facilitated through Challis Recruitment Pty Ltd
  • that the candidate acknowledges that no employment relationship or partnership exists between the parties/candidate and Challis Recruitment Pty Ltd
  • that the candidate acknowledges that Challis Recruitment Pty Ltd is not liable for any expenses including but not limited to any regulatory body processing fees, airfares and or accommodation etc
  • that the candidate has no objection to Challis Recruitment Pty Ltd obtaining regular feedback reports from the employing organisation for reasons of quality control
  • I consent to Challis Recruitment confirming my right to work in Australia through evidence of a current Australian passport, and/or valid suitable visa, including but not limited to undertaking a VEVO check
  • that the Candidate applying to use the services of Challis Recruitment Pty Ltd are aware that Immigration applications may require them to undertake (including but not limited to) a medical examination, x-ray, HIV, Hep B and Hep C tests, and to provide a police certificate.
  • That the candidate applying to use the services of Challis Recruitment Pty Ltd are aware that it is a requirement to demonstrate their ‘fitness to practice’ to all Regulatory Bodies such as:
  • a) providing evidence including but not limited to accepted qualifications and experience,
  • b) disclosing any personal medical conditions that may impact their capacity to practice medicine safely and effectively
  • c) supplying certificates or letters of good standing from the their current medical registering body and any other registering medical body they have been registered with, within the last 10 years (all certificates and letters are to be dated/issued no more than 3 months from the date they are submitted to Challis Recruitment Pty Ltd)


Representation Acceptance

By registering with Challis Recruitment the candidate confirms that they want Challis Recruitment to represent them, and consent and agree to the following:

  1. I give Challis Recruitment consent to represent me to any Medical Facility/Hospital within Australasia
  2. I confirm that I give my consent for Challis Recruitment to alert potential employers as to my availability (which includes but is not limited to forwarding my CV)
  3. I confirm that I give my consent for Challis Recruitment to send my CV to potential employers (and any other required recruitment documentation on my behalf) should a vacancy arise that Challis Recruitment think would be of interest to me
  4. I permit Challis Recruitment to request and obtain professional references and to collect and use my personal information for recruitment purposes in accordance with Challis Recruitment’s Privacy Statement – Collection and Use of Personal Information. Please note our agency will not contact your professional referees without your prior knowledge
  5. I declare all information I provide to Challis Recruitment is true and correct and that I will notify Challis Recruitment immediately should I become aware that any information I supply is inaccurate or otherwise misleading. I am aware that Challis Recruitment will rely upon the information supplied by me to determine which work I am capable of undertaking.
  6. I am prepared to undergo annual mandatory criminal record checks or as frequently as required and/or determined by Challis Recruitment
  7. I have not been convicted of a crime that may affect my application to work as a Doctor. I will notify Challis Recruitment in writing, of any charges or convictions made against me relating to any criminal offence, within 7 days of a charge being laid or of conviction, or immediately if I am undertaking a placement through Challis Recruitment.

Safe Working Hours

Challis Recruitment encourages safe working hours for all of our locum doctors, therefore we ask that you follow and adhere to the AMA guidelines on safe working hours to understand how to prevent and manage work related fatigue. For the AMA National Code of Practice – Hours of Work, Shiftwork and Rostering for Hospital Doctors guidelines, please visit to download.


For any issues in regards to these terms and our Privacy Statement please contact Challis Recruitment’s Privacy Officer: Jaime Challis – +61 (0)455 772 222.