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Challis Recruitment has an expert
Registered Migration Agent

For over 15 years Challis Recruitment has offered expert migration assistance to our Doctors and their families, including successful Permanent Residency applications.

Whether or not you have obtained your position through Challis Recruitment, Challis Migration can assist you and your family with your visa requirements including Permanent Residency (PR) applications.

Challis Migration provides PR applicants with:

  • Advice relating to the Client’s migration goals and their choice of visa category.
  • Frank and candid advice regarding the prospects of success of the visa application.
  • Analysis of current Immigration Law relating to the nominated visa category or review application.
  • Completion and thorough checking of all application forms.
  • Advice and assistance relating to documentation required to support the application.
  • Concise information as to how to book the appropriate medicals for Visa application (for example ensuring Health Requirements are met).
  • Concise information as to how to meet all Character requirements.
  • Preparation and lodging of the EOI application and subsequent Visa application once a SkillSelect invitation to apply for the Visa is received.
  • Preparation and lodging of an Employer Nomination application (where required)
  • Communicating with the Department of Home Affairs on behalf of the Visa Applicant and addressing any issues that may arise

How can we help you?

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